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CP-GRADES F-1,F-2,F-4,F-5,F-7,F-9,F-12 AMS4921, ASTM-381
TI-6Al-4V AMS4928, 4931, 4965, AMS-T-9047, 
TI-6Al-4V ELI AMS4930, 4931, 6932, 
6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo AMS495, 4976
Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo AMS-4981, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047

Titanium forgings: The ultimate strength in any shape

Got what it takes to squeeze immense strength into your end products? At Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd, we’ve got it. We are adept at forging titanium alloys and commercially pure titanium, among other manufacturing processes, to supply you with extra-strong parts in any shape. Whether it is flanges, squares, cylinders, or custom pieces, we can forge them for you. With forged titanium parts, you can improve the mechanical properties of your end products. By manipulating their shapes, we bring the optimum grain flow to each workpiece. And once it is consistent throughout every inch of the part’s inner structure, you end up with a remarkably durable piece that can’t be produced with other titanium-forming processes. The forging of titanium alloys and CP titanium is a complex process in which accuracy is everything. But we know our way around it as we are experienced in closed-die, upsetting, and drawing techniques. We ensure our parts are forged with precision to be strong enough for your applications.

Consistent quality for all CP grades and titanium alloy forgings

At Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd, we put consistency and quality together. This way, we produce titanium parts that are perfectly shaped according to your specs and industrial requirements. We use configurable hot and cold forging machines so that you can get the forgings that have the same properties, even if you need thousands of pieces. But consistent quality is not the only reason why manufacturers choose us over other titanium forging companies. Here’s what else we’re proud of: International seal of approval. Our processes and parts have obtained ISO 9001 certification, making us a fully certified supplier of titanium flanges and other forgings. Careful inspection. We monitor everything we do as meticulously as possible, from the forging process to the final forged part and shipping. Unwavering standard compliance. We can forge parts to many ASTM, AMS, and MIL standards covering both CP grades and alloyed titanium.

Strength-inspired uses of titanium forgings

The forging process takes the exceptional properties of titanium parts even further. Think of it as an upgrade to their tensile strength, robustness, and resistance in the shape you need. It also reduces titanium fatigue in heavy-duty applications, keeping stress-related fractures at bay. These improved properties extend the common uses of Ti pieces. Titanium forged rings, for example, are often applied in power generation and chemical processing equipment, while flanges are go-to parts for water treatment and piping systems. Additionally, you can get your Ti parts forged to certain specs that allow for the following uses: industrial machinery high-load systems propellers airplane structures automobile parts and more

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Are you sure you know what titanium grade you need for your forgings and what specs they should be processed to? If so, contact us to get a quote for as many pieces as you want. If you’re hesitant about the grade, specs, or shape of your titanium alloy forgings, we’ll help you choose the best fit.