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TI6AL-4V, TI6AL-4V ELI AMS-4928, 4930,4965, 4967, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047,
ASTM-F-367 ASTM-B348 ASTM-F136
TI6AL-2SN-4ZR-2MO AMS-4975, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047
Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo AMS-4981, MIL-T-9047, AMS-T-9047
CP-GRADES 1,2,3,4,7 AMS-4921, MIL-9047, ASTM-B-348, ASTM-F67

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φ2-130x2000-3000MM TI GR2 in stock ASTM B348 BUY
φ2-130x2000-3000MM TI GR5 in stock ASTM B348 BUY

Titanium is 30% stronger than steel, but is nearly 50% lighter. Titanium is 60% heavier than aluminum, but twice as strong. Titanium has excellent strength retention to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Titanium is alloyed with aluminum, manganese, iron, molybdenum and other metals to increase strength, to withstand high temperatures, and to lighten the resultant alloy. Titanium’s high corrosion resistance is also a valuable characteristic; as when exposed to the atmosphere, titanium forms a tight, tenacious oxide film that resists many corrosive materials, particularly salt water.

In the 1950s, the titanium metal industry was established primarily in response to the emerging aerospace industry, which used it in the manufacture of airframe structural components and skin, aircraft hydraulic systems, air engine components, rockets, missiles, and spacecraft, where these properties are invaluable. The military also uses titanium in its guided missiles and in artillery. Other practical applications have evolved over time such as shipbuilding: in submarines, ship’s propellers, shafts, rigging, and other highly corrosive parts. Titanium is being increasingly utilized for medical applications due to its lightweight, its strength, and its hypoallergenic properties, as titanium is also nickel free. Titanium products are becoming increasingly utilized in other industries as well, from petrochemical applications to sporting goods.

Titanium bars for sale: When strength does matter

Are you scouring the web to find rods that are stronger than steel? Do you want them to be ultralight while remaining that tough? Then it’s worth it to buy titanium bars and rods from Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd. Through a series of processing operations, we ensure that these pieces are distinguished by outstanding durability and resistance features. It also goes without saying that their strength-to-weight ratios are second to none, which makes them excellent additions to light- and heavy-duty applications. We offer bars, rods, and titanium wire for sale in a variety of specifications and grade choices. Whether you want commercially pure one or are looking to benefit from the beefed-up strength of alloys, we’ve got your back. Check out what works for your needs and rest easy knowing you can buy titanium rods online this very moment. All the pieces are available for purchase as we always keep a close watch on our stock capacity. There are many product shapes to choose from. Decide whether you need easy-to-drill, precisely formed, or any other type of rods and bars. Then select one of the available shapes: flat round square hexagonal octagonal

What applications can you buy titanium rods for?

Because titanium itself is extremely lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant, bars and rods made of it find many uses. Their versatility allows for an extensive range of industry-specific applications, such as: Shipbuilding. In addition to bars and rods, you can buy titanium wire for marine construction projects. These pieces are often found as parts of shafts, propellers, and other ship components. Aerospace applications. Designed to withstand aerodynamic impacts, our products can be used for not only aircraft frames, turbines, and structures but also outer surfaces. Medical industry. As they are lightweight and biocompatible, titanium pieces – rods in particular – have already redefined joint replacement surgery. We can supply them for implants, too. Sports equipment. The sporting goods market is getting inundated with products made of titanium, and the tendency is here to stay. Thus, if you’re involved in this industry, our pieces can be of help. There are many more applications for our titanium rods and bars – from high-performance construction equipment to everyday items. Check out the specifications of our alloyed and unalloyed options to find out how they can complement your project.

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Let Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd prove that even the highest-grade titanium products are not supposed to carry hefty price tags. We are here to help trim your spending with affordable pieces, no matter the intended applications. Our main aim is to establish long-lasting customer relationships, bringing you strategic cost-efficiency. This is what makes us different from other titanium bar suppliers. All you have to do to get a quote is to let us know what rods, bars, or wire you need. For this, be sure to contact us at your convenience. Our service knows no borders, so we are available 24/7!