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0.1-40MMx1000-2000mmx1000-10000MM GR1,GR2.GR3,GR4 GR7, GR12 ASTM B265 ASTM F67
0.8-30MMx1000x2000MM  GR5  TI 6AL4V EIL ASTM B265 ASTM F136

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0.1-3MMx10-1000MMxCOLL TIGR1 AND GR2 in stock ASTM B265 BUY
0.5-40x1000-2000x1000-10000MM  TI GR2 in stock ASTM B265 BUY
0.8-8MMx1000x2000mm TI GR4 in stock ASTM B265 BUY
0.8-30x1000x2000MM TI GR5 in stock ASTM B265 BUY


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Titanium is by far the most versatile material boasting the characteristics that no metal can match. We pride ourselves on taking them even further. In the areas where formability and customization are key, you may want to utilize flat pieces that allow for easier processing. To cater to your specific needs, we offer these titanium sheets for sale.

Browse various sizes as well as CP and alloyed grades. With our plates, you won’t have any difficulty bending, cutting, or whatever you need to do to custom-form them for further practical applications. Now, you can take advantage of their mechanical and physical properties easier.

We’re committed to maintaining excellent quality in every single piece, with the central focus placed on its chemical composition. By partnering up with us, you can buy titanium sheets and plates that comply with international ASTM standards, including B265, F67, F136, etc. Outstanding tensile strength, biocompatibility, and toughness are all guaranteed.

Titanium metal sheets for aerospace and marine applications

In recent years, the aerospace industry has seen a flurry of activity on the production of new structures with titanium parts. And if you’re looking for thin pieces for similar applications, we can supply them. Our ASTM B265 titanium metal sheets and plates can withstand the effects of high-altitude uses while complementing the integrity of the whole aircraft unit. Thus, they can be of practical value for the design of outer structures, the skin, engines, etc.

Titanium, especially when enhanced by other metals in an alloy, is capable of resisting erosion where other materials fail. This makes it a coveted choice for corrosive conditions, like those associated with the maritime industry. By using the right grade, you can add to the overall durability of submerged parts of ships, ferries, and other vessels.

Medical and architectural applications

Relatively low processing costs of titanium plates and high biocompatibility of the material itself make our pieces suitable for the production of body implants. For this purpose, our sheets meet the requirements outlined in ASTM F136 and F67 specifications. They can make all the difference in replacement surgery, decreasing the risk of post-operative complications.

When it comes to architecture, titanium panels are often found as cladding materials. Apart from their silver-gray appeal, they offer great heat conductivity properties. Taking into account that titanium plates are cheap, as compared to other metals, they introduce an advanced method of making buildings more energy-efficient. The benefits are evident for not only commercial but also residential projects.

How much do our titanium plates cost?

Aimed at ensuring win-win cooperation, Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co., Ltd delivers these easy-to-process plates at highly competitive prices. Although they depend on the desired size, grade, and other specifications, we guarantee that our titanium sheets cost less than those from other suppliers. This affordability is provided with no compromise on quality!

To see how low our prices are, you can call us or submit your request online. Tell us what plates, sheets, or coils you want to order, and we’ll provide you with an accurate quote.